The automatic movement, amplitude and rhythm of Lizen are calculated to cradle you with absolute comfort… Soon after the very first minutes of your session the Alpha brain waves (prelude to sleep) settle in, leading you straight into a state of deep relaxation.
The ideal add-on to all your well-being activities, Lizen is the optimum alternative to a traditional restroom. Unwinded, your liquids balanced, your energies liberated, you take full advantage of the therapies you receive!
Each and every balancing movement of Lizen gently reeducates your entire circulatory system to enable it to fully work as the internal purifier it is meant to be. Effortlessly, without even the slightest sacrifice, and quite to the opposite with great pleasure, you experience true physiological rejuvenation.
It’s oscillations are calculated to harmoniously animate your fluids. Your body, constantly slightly reclining forward or backward, benefits from this optimal flow of the liquids that account for 90% of it’s composition. Lizen is the only machine that addresses these liquid elements, though they play such a major part within the organism!